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Learning Modules for an Autism Clinic for new volunteers


An animation telling the story of a new health and wellness program for a Canadian Union


Working alongside a Haida artist I helped bring this Covid19 Vaccine Rollout Story to life.

Check out the case study

for this fun explainer video for TAB Software

An animation that reveals the design of a rebrand for the Retired Teachers of Ontario

My studio asked me to make a fun holiday design. I decided to animate it, 'cause why not?

Meet Luna in this case study for a quick turn around explainer.

A fun video about connecting Canada through airports.

A behind the scenes look at creating a living painting animation.

Whats up little duck?

A cute logo animation.

Various Maps that I've

done for everyone from History to CBC over the years

What happens when a client needs a billboard animated while I'm on the Road?

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